We Said Yes to Michigan

The plan this weekend was to pay some attention to the house, do the laundry, and pay the bills. Mr. Wonderful was to attend a golf outing to raise funds for the local Catholic High School. However, mother nature won and everyone was invited to the 19th (watering) hole before any golf was played. I met Mr. Wonderful’s 4some at the local brew pub for lunch and that’s when we decided to say YES TO MICHIGAN. Before I knew it, it was 3:00 o’clock and we were in Union Pier. Mr. Wonderful needed a long nap after the damage incurred from earlier in the day. I took the dogs for a walk on the beach. I got over 10,000 steps logged on my FitBit but since this was sand, it felt like 20,000 steps. It was a really great walk. We met lots of nice people and a couple other furry friends. Everyone seemed to be enjoying this last weekend before the summer tourists take over these beaches from Memorial Day through Labor Day. We all enjoyed a great meal in New Buffalo later that evening. After Mass on Sunday morning, we had a fun lunch at Greenbush Brewery in Sawyer, MI before heading home. We are so greatful for our friends and their frequent invitations to join them in Union Pier, MI. The last minute invites are always so fun and this was no exception. I’m so glad we said Yes to Michigan.

McKinley Beach
McKinley Beach
Greenbush Brewery

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